Make Room In Your Life For Pool - Make Room In Your Home For A Pool Table! 

Not sure how much room that you need? Follow these guidelines, depending on what size billiard table you’ll be purchasing:

Pool Table Size  Recommended Room Dimensions 
7' x 3 ½' 17' x 13½'
8' x 4' 18' x 14'
9' x 4 ½' 19' X 14½'

Just a few of the benefits of having a table inside your home: New Orleans Pool Table Movers

Shared family activity - for the price of a couch, keep your family from becoming potatoes

A great way to entertain - you may have trouble getting your guests to leave

Keep an eye on the kids - make your home the cool house on the block

An icebreaker when having people over - you don't have to sit and stare at each other to and try to come up with something to say

What it teaches kids - teach your kids geometry; they will never hate you for it

Your table is set - convert the pool table into a ping-pong table, a dining room table - or leave it “as is” and have a great place to fold laundry and wrap gifts!

All of this information can be found at the BCA website